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Tell the end of the summer in Fukui ” Kuzuryu Festival Eiheiji Dai toronagashi ” “FLOATHING LANTERNS ON THE RIVER”. As a night scene that remains in the mind , and has been certified to the ” historical and cultural heritage ” of Japan night view heritage !

■ kuzuryu festival 2016 Eiheiji Dai toronagashi
August 21, 2016. Kuzuryu river Eiheiji river park
Sponsorship=Kuzuryu Festival Executive Committee
Sponsorship=Eiheiji-Town, Eiheiji-temple, Fukui Prefecture, Fukui Prefectural Tourism Federation

■ Application destination of inquiry “Kuyou Trourou” and “Wish Toro”
Kuzuryu Festival Executive Committee Secretariat
Eiheiji-Town Commerce and Tourism Division
TEL.0776-61-3921 FAX.0776-61-2474

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  • 九頭竜フェスティバル2016 永平寺燈籠ながし 2016年8月21日(日)九頭竜川永平寺河川公園
    主催/九頭竜フェスティバル実行委員会 後援/永平寺町・曹洞宗大本山永平寺・福井県・(公社)福井県観光連盟
    お問い合わせ 供養・願い燈籠のお申し込み先=九頭竜フェスティバル実行委員会事務局 TEL:0776-61-3930 永平寺町観光物産協会 TEL:0776-63-1188 FAX:0776-63-4400

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